Animation Process

Every project and how we approach it is unique, but is built on the same tried and true foundational process. Here’s a quick overview.

We go over what you want to say, how you want to say it, and how to make it happen. At the end of this process we’ll have a brief that’ll inform the rest of the steps in creating your video.

You can come with your own script, or we can collaborate together to tell your story. Once you’re satisfied and sign off on the script, the voice over can be recorded and the look of your video can be designed.

With the script signed off, a series style frames are created for you to see how the final video will look. This comes with a treatment, which is a written description of what the viewer will see, and how it will be animated and timed with the voice over.

You can provide your own voice over if you prefer, or we can work together to find the voice that best fits your video, brand, and budget.

This is the longest step and takes some time, so it’s key we sign off on the other steps before we start.

The voice over, music, and any additional sound effects, if any, are mixed together and layered over the final animation.

Once the animation and audio mix are complete, a video file is processed, exported, and delivered to you to use however you’d like.