Naut Games

Naut was the mobile games & apps studio I co-founded in 2014. We mainly worked with GoNoodle to build their interactive games library, but we also built and published a few mobile games of our own.

Say What was our take on a Heads Up style party game which only required one phone. It had many categories from retro gaming, movies, animals, memes, and more.

Hogstead was a mobile game based on the paper and pencil game dots and boxes. Only instead of lines you’re drawing fences on a farm. And if you trap a pig in any of your squares you get extra points. It was a pretty straightforward game you could play alone or through a matchmaking multiplayer mode. It debuted on Google Play and the App Store in 2014.

Hearsay was a fill-in-the-blank style party game meant to be played in-person with each person using their own phone.